The Core Values Of Glassdoor's Best Tech Places To Work 2013

This week Twitter one the coveted accolade of Glassdoor's Best Tech Place to Work 2013. Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo had the organisation create it's own set of core values using a team lead by one of the long serving developers Alissa Huskey.  According to his Bloomberg interview Costolo realised this activity could come across as a waste. ”That may sound like the worst kind of corporate offsite banality, but Costolo says it helped. “If you don’t know where you’re going, it seems like any road will take you there,” he says.

  1. Grow our business in a way that makes us proud.
  2. Recognize that passion and personality matter.
  3. Communicate fearlessly to build trust.
  4. Defend and respect the user’s voice.
  5. Reach every person on the planet.
  6. Innovate through experimentation.
  7. Seek diverse perspectives.
  8. Be rigorous. Get it right.
  9. Simplify.
  10. Ship it.

Curious to know how linked the way these values were created and the fact that the CEO believes they're important is linked to the staff awarding Twitter the accolade.

My first blog on this new site being about values seems appropriate.